Our Team

Brian N. Whitson

Brian founded Whitson Insulation Company in 1978 with his wife Kimberly. In addition to leading the company, Brian handles the company’s sales efforts. Brian enjoys working with customers, employees, and many industry partners. Even with many years of experience, he continues to learn something new each time he works on a project. Outside of work life, Brian spends his free time camping and traveling with his wife and spending time with family and friends.

Kimberly Whitson

Vice President
Kimberly is co-founder of Whitson Insulation Company and has been with the company since its beginning in 1978. Kimberly is involved in many parts of company operations. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and pets, camping with her husband, and attending bible study groups.

Dennis J. Roede

Vice President/General Manager
Dennis joined Whitson Insulation Company in 1988. As Vice President and General Manager, he handles operations, scheduling, and customer sales. Dennis enjoys working with builders and homeowners and appreciates the variety of jobs he sees each day. When he’s not busy at the office, Dennis can be found kayaking or playing racquetball.

Roger Neitzka

Foreman/Assistant General Manager/Equipment Maintenance
Roger wears a variety of hats at Whitson Insulation Company. As Assistant General Manager, Roger manages the insulation crews and is responsible for equipment maintenance. Roger loves the outdoors including canoeing, camping, walking, and spending time with his dogs. One of his favorite parts of work is the great people he gets to work with each day.

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